Why Use A Wedding Planner?

To Save You Money

Weddings are expensive occasions and costs can easily spiral out of control if your budget isn’t carefully managed. A wedding planner can take the pressure of budget management off your shoulders and save you money by negotiating discounts and reduced rates with preferred suppliers on your behalf and ensuring payments are made on budget and on time.
The Yorkshire Wedding Planner

To Save You Time

Working full time, looking after your family and maintaining a work-life balance is difficult enough, but add onto that the undeniable stress of planning a wedding and time becomes in very short supply.
Using a Wedding Planner is like having your own personal assistant to represent you at meetings, make all the phone calls, organise and look after all your guests’ requirements and research and resolve every
time-consuming detail.

"It takes on average, 250 hours to plan a wedding"

To Alleviate Stress

Getting married should be one of the happiest times of your lives which you should be able to look back upon with fond memories. If however, you find working to deadlines difficult, managing lists a nightmare, sticking to schedules impossible, chasing up suppliers for services and guests for RSVP’s unbearable then all you will remember will be the stress and headache of the whole event. In addition, trying to please everybody rather than yourselves usually ends up taking precedence in the whole affair. Your wedding planner will take away these pressures and even mediate conflicts with your family to ensure that the day is Your special day!

The Yorkshire Wedding Planner

It is now conservatively estimated that somewhere between 10-15% of couples in the UK opt for the services of a wedding planner (primary source: UKAWP).

This equates to between 25,000 - 37,000 weddings each year that need a wedding planner. And this figure looks set to double in the next five years as more and more couples realise the true value of a wedding planner.